"Babbling Brook"

North Carolina Dawn by Cynthia Price Reedy
"North Carolina Dawn"
4 1/2 X 9   $100


A Note from Cynthia Price Reedy...

I am excited about art. It makes my life somuch richer. When I travel and paint on location I experience the place in Cynthia Price Reedy - Artista more intimate way.  The colors become clearer and I see details I would have missed on a casual viewing.  I become engaged in the subject matter in a satisfying way. You never know where you will find beauty.  Who knew “The Rock” in San Francisco Bay could be so enchanting?  I love to travel and paint and will go practically anywhere at the drop of a hat.  So far, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Greece, Canada, Mexico and, of course, the United States, have all been winners.  Plus, I find amazing ethnic recipes and come home and play in a whole world of delicious cuisine.

I was born and raised in Colorado and now live at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado. I enjoy painting in my own back yard.  If you are ever in my area, give me a call and visit my studio.

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